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At SN Enterprises we offer an efficient and cost-effective commercial surface dressing solution for Walsall road improvement. Surface dressing work is carried out by a dedicated team of specialists who have years of experience in road surface improvement projects.

Among the leading surface dressing contractors in Walsall, we only use the best Tar & Chip materials from some of the biggest names in the industry. All our work is fully guaranteed and conforms to British Standards, meaning your road improvements can be relied on to last.

We work closely with local authorities, councils and businesses and have built a trusted reputation over the years across Walsall and beyond.

Our professional and reliable surface dressing services in Walsall include:

  • Adoptable Highways
  • Footpaths & Cycleways
  • Retail Parks and Car Parks
  • Private roads and Estates
  • Schools and Playgrounds
  • Road Planing
  • Industrial Surfacing
  • Pothole Repairs
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Approved Tar & Chip Surface Dressing Walsall

Surface dressing is often known as ‘Tar & Chip’ and involves two main steps.

  1. The even spray application of an emulsion bituminous binder through a purpose-built spray tanker onto the existing road surface.
  2. This is followed immediately by the even application of aggregate chippings to ‘dress’ the binder.

Tar & Chip surface dressing is generally not rolled into the surface afterwards, instead relying on the weight of traffic to compress the chippings and naturally level out small imperfections.

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Trusted Surface Dressing Contractors in Walsall

Surface dressing should be carried out before the road surface deteriorates to the stage at which expensive major patching and /or reconstruction is required. There is also a gauge known as ‘surface skidding levels’ that needs to stay above the nationally accepted intervention level for the class of road in question. If you wish to get your road tested for this, please speak to a member of our Walsall team.

The benefits of surface dressing in Walsall include:

  • Seals the road surface against water ingress which is known to be one of the major causes of asphalt pavement deterioration.
  • Arrests the deterioration of the road surface and underlying road pavement structure.
  • Restores the necessary level of skid resistance to the road surface with the resultant benefits of reduction in skid related traffic accidents.
  • Timely intervention will enable worn out road surfaces to last longer thereby increasing the time to when structural maintenance is required.
  • Can help to reduce spray caused by vehicles travelling on wet road surfaces.
  • Maximises the cost effectiveness of limited highway maintenance funds.

Proper attention to design and execution has provided surface dressing lifetimes well more than 10 years, even on very heavily trafficked sites in Walsall.

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Road Surfacing Dressing Contractors Walsall

Are you looking for a local Walsall contractor who specialises in road surface dressing? Look no further than SN Enterprises.

We use the best materials and equipment to ensure our surface dressing is long-lasting.

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We are a dependable Walsall surface dressing team, with a great work ethic and high attention to detail. Using only the best materials and equipment, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the strong relations we have built.

Our reputation is second to none and we offer quality surface dressing solutions to commercial and residential clients across Walsall at very competitive rates. Our prices are unmatched across the Walsall area, so contact us today for a quick and efficient service

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